Wide Input Range Medical PSU Minimizing Risks of Medical Equipment Restart Failure


【Mönchengladbach Feb. 18th, 2020】FSP, also known by its medical brand “Protek Power”, is thrilled to announce a new generation of 100W medical open frame PM101 series with even higher reliability.

There are many causes of power failures in an electronic network. It might happen frequently because power distribution systems at some rural areas are not always stable. Sometimes even at urban areas, unexpected power cut might cause sudden power line overload. These common situations lead to input power voltage drop too much which further cause medical equipment fail to reboot. Seeing power failure is unavoidable, FSP R&D team actively take this matter into consideration. When redesign one of the best-selling medical open frame series PM101, the team improve input voltage range from normal 90-264VAC to 80-264VAC. The thoughtful approach is intended to reduce the risk of the medical equipment restart failure especially in critical moments.

With a choice of 8 single output models (from 12V to 48V), PM101 series delivers 100W of continuous power at 7.5CFM forced air cooling or 80W at convection cooling. The outstanding product performance includes low leakage current (≤175µA) and no load power consumption (≤0.15W). The entire series features BF class insulation of 4000Vac from input to output (2 x MOPP), 1500Vac from output to earth ground and 1500Vac from input to ground. Certified with the latest IEC60601-1 and IEC62368-1 safety and EMC standard, PM101 series overcomes the difficulty of reaching the goals: compact size (2”x4”), super light weigh (150 gram) and high efficiency (≧ 88%).


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