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FSP Offers Comprehensive USB-C Power Delivery Charging Solutions


【April 2022, Mönchengladbach】The USB PD Revision 3.1 specification announced in May 2021 is a major update to enable delivering up to 240W of power over full featured USB Type-C® cable and connector. A new adjustable voltage mode enabling a range from 15V to one of three maximum voltages (28V, 36V, or 48V) allowing the device being powered to request specific voltages to a 100 mV resolution. 

FSP has launched a comprehensive series of USB-C PD chargers. The product wattages are 45W/60W/100W, with the highest rated power for charging increased to 100W (20V/5A) from the conventional USB 5W (5V/1A); the charging voltage and current may further detect the device automatically and adjust to the required charging spec automatically, which is capable of proteting users’ devices on top of saving energy and is suitable for the majority of ICT devices, for instance: mobile phones, digital cameras, external storage devices and laptop computers. Conforming to USB PD Revision 3.1 specification, FSP has now kicked off the development of the desktop type PD 140W model with 28V output and 240W model with 36V/48V output which will extend further the applications to high performance notebooks, chargers for power tools, motor drives and electric bicycles with built-in multi-string lithium battery packs, IOT device and comm nication & surveillance equipment.

FSP USB-C PD product collection has integrated the charging cable for several types of electronic products into one simple charging accessory, making the life of user easier and saving the environment from electronic waste. 




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